Japanese Garden Lantern

Japanese garden lanterns in traditional Japanese wooden lantern style,
hand made with care in the UK in
preservative treated oak timber.

Japanese Style logo

For large lanterns, the including delivery total cost covers mainland UK where normal carriage/postal rates apply. Certain places (such as the Scottish Highlands) can cost more and may have to be taken into account, but there's no strict rules about this.
Packing for carriage of the large lanterns is not simple nor cheap, so a "flat-packable" design of case is currently being designed. This can be returned back for a large refund, considerably reducing P&P costs.

For P&P costs on wall lanterns, there are too many variables to be able to state a standard cost, so please contact for a price.

In both large garden lanterns and wall lanterns, the lamp holder is pre-wired to a connector block. The power adaptor also has a connector block fitted to its lead (approx.1M).
Because the length of cable needed to join between is an unknown factor, it cannot be included in the package nor costed for.

Obviously the power adaptor will need to be plugged into an outlet socket. Depending on what type of lantern, this may be a weather protected exterior enclosure or indoors, in which case you need only decide how to bring the cable into the building, i.e. a hole in door/window frame or wall.

Being low voltage simplifies matters because there is no electrical hazard, but voltage drop over distance will need to be considered.
Thin "figure8" type (bell wire) cable is not suitable.
Cable rated at 3amps (0.5mm size) is fine for up to 20 metres of cable length.
If you need longer cable runs, please contact for advice as an economical alternative solution may be possible.

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